Granite Slab Selection for Toronto Homeowners

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Granite Slab Selection for Toronto Homeowners:  Tips to Keep In Mind When Selecting a Granite Slab for Kitchens

Renovating a kitchen is a process wrought with tough choices to make. The style you choose can range from modern to classic, contemporary to minimalist; whatever suits your style! Given the investment a kitchen design project can be, your decision on the choice of cabinets, appliances, and other elements should stand the test of time. What really sets a kitchen apart from another are the finishing design touches, including the tile and countertops you choose. Having the right focal point can really add a sharp and elegant element to the kitchen. By choosing a counter made of granite slab, Toronto homeowners can really take pride in their kitchen while increasing the value of their home!

Know before You Buy!

When making such a substantial investment of time and money by renovating a kitchen, it’s important to have all the right information available to you. Often, the countertop is the last piece to the puzzle when it comes to kitchen installs. You should know some quick "dos and "don’ts” when it comes to granite slab options in Toronto.
Don’t feel rushed! Take your time when making a selection. There are many different types of granite slabs available to select from Toronto manufacturers, and the right one will call out to you.
Be careful when selecting the thickness of a granite slab. There are only two true thicknesses of granite – these are ¾" and 1 ¼" slabs. A third option of thickness is available (1 ½”), but this is simply two ¾” pieces glued together. When choosing the thicker option of 1 ½” slab, it is important to note that the glue can separate over time. This can create unsightly seams in your slab countertop that you didn’t anticipate! There is no way to hide a seam created on a horizontal cut.  Choose one of the lesser thicknesses to avoid dealing with the need to replace a granite slab earlier than you anticipated due to separation.
The seam location should be unnoticeable. Hiring an experienced granite fabricator will result in a more uniform finish and give you a granite slab counter you can be proud of! When speaking with your granite fabricator, be sure to communicate your exact expectations. By asking questions and getting professional feedback, you can work together to get the desired effect you’re looking for.

Complementing Edges

When selecting cabinets, be mindful of the edges you choose. The edging you choose for your granite slab should match closely. Choosing two drastically different edges creates a chaotic look and can take away from the effect you imagine versus the final look. Some recommendations from granite fabricators include:
  • Modern or square cabinet shapes should have flat or bevelled edge styles.
  • Traditional or classic shapes should go for the "ogee” or "bull-nose” edging, as this provides a softer look.
  • Finish the bottom edges for safety, particularly if there are children running around the house!
Top kitchen designers in Toronto also recommend having a sink that sits below the granite slab countertop as this makes clean up after a fun-filled afternoon of baking or cooking easy as pie! By setting the sink below the counter, as opposed to having a lip that comes over the top, excess fluids and materials can easily be slid into the sink.
You should also be mindful of bringing samples home. Samples will rarely give you an accurate picture of what the granite slab will look like. Granite is a natural stone, and the striations and crystalline patterns will differ greatly from one slab to another. Often, the consistency of the granite will vary greatly within the same slab! Instead, bring samples of furniture upholstery or other décor items with you to compare to the slab you choose. Try to see the full slab before you decide on your purchase.
When choosing a granite slab, Toronto homeowners should use these tips to help them select the perfect countertop for their kitchen. Having the right style and décor for any room of the house is important. Granite slabs have the potential to take your kitchen décor to the next level and offer that desired "wow” factor!